Dungeons in Dragons

Session 1

Four adventurers, for whatever reason, heed the call of a duke in need. If the party is able to hunt down the band of orcs responsible for raiding one of the region’s outlying villages and retrieve the missing villagers, one of them being the lord’s sole heir, they will receive 500 gold pieces to share in reward.

Ezan, the captain of the offers to lead the party to the edge of the forest and offers supplies for their journey. Mid conversation, her stoic demeanor is broken by a small squirrel clambering up her leg to nest atop her head.

The terms settled upon, the party leaves the premises but not before the lord’s physician shoves a small bundle into the paladin’s hands giving no explanation except, “give this to Theo.” Before returning to aid the lord.

The party gets off to a rocky start, especially between Ezan and Pyromath and Pyromath, Adrieth.
Nissa chills with the wild life, adopting all the come into her care and Korvar awaits his next tavern crawl with eager anticipation.

To be finished later~~


therese_ohalloran1 therese_ohalloran1

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