Dungeons in Dragons

Session 4

We're following the Leader, and Adrieth's a werewolf

Night fell and our heroes prepared for rest. Guilty, Adrieth, after telling a drunk Korvar to piss off, shared her parent’s death and her faith with Theo – gifting him a small symbol of Selune and promising to avenge his parent’s death at any cost.

After resting in a re purposed room within the Eldath Druid’s lair, our heroes are rudely awoken by a calamity outside. Except for Korvar, who is drunk.

After running upstairs, (or sleuthing in Nissa’s case), they learned that the cause of the calamity was a sentient evil force attacking the protective ruins placed by the druids. Nissa and Bubbles quickly sneaked out into the forest, while the impatient Pyramath waited for Adrieth to don her armor and for Korvar to get out of bed. It was worth it however, because Adrieth looked amazing (Nat20).

Suddenly, upon exiting the building, Nissa and Adrieth seemed a lot more chummy, almost as if they had remembered a shared side quest with awesome loot. Jimmy, a very special snek friend, returned and the girls gossiped about the great druid ruins that they found.

They were guided by Jorn, a quiet looking druid with a missing arm and what they assumed was the druid version of a cyborg replacement (vines). Nissa rejoined them on the path, shortly before they were set upon by rabid wolves. Fighting valiantly, Pyramath in spider form, they appeared to be in trouble. That was until a tall, dark and mysterious human with BLAZING eyes appeared and wrought havoc with his daggers and crossbow.

Korvar, still bleary and slightly drunk, wandered off into the forest alone. Our heroes continued along the path, trusting his safety to the absent bubbles.
Adrieth harshly questioned the newcomer, who then exchanged eye-rolls with Pyra, but they continued together. During this exchange the very sneaky Nissa manages to steal a letter of introduction, revealing the newly arrived Thalnir as a jeweler.

Korvar used his orcish instincts and forest dwelling history to get very, very, very lost. The poor thing thought he was still dreaming but thankfully was found by a very clever squirrel who was small but had a big heart.

Bubbles, (the real hero of this story), led Korvar back to the group. Nissa scrambled up a tree, but the others were caught unaware on the ground when they were noticed by two rabid wolves and a massive werewolf.

The battle was fierce, and the werewolf regenerated many of it’s wounds. The magic users shone through however, including Jorn, who turned out to be a badass. Nissa delivered the final blow, thought not before Jorn lost his vine arm, and the werewolf was revealed to be a former member of the Eldath druid circle.
(collective gasp).

Jorn hurried Adrieth away back to Malara, as she had been bitten by the beast and risked succumbing to the curse without immediate treatment. Nissa, Pyra, Thalnir and Korvar stayed to survey the monolith, returning shortly after to the druid stronghold.

Adrieth is treated and reassured, Jorn is brought to a healer and our heroes are put back to bed.

The next morning Theo greets the group and reveals a missing front tooth. Joyful, Nissa and Korvar struck up a merry shanty and considered starting a bard troupe. Meanwhile, Pyra discussed important druid-y things with Malara. Upon everyone else’s arrival, they discussed the ritual.

They were presented with a wreath that would speed up the curse and kill the Lord Kwenthrith. Malara explained that they must stab him through the heart with Theo’s tooth and lay him to rest with a bay leaf in his mouth before nightfall in order to break the curse.

As a parting gift, Nissa was promised a book from the library. She managed to steal more than one and piss off a very friendly druid. Korvar was left disappointed by the lack of magical axes, however they were all gifted magical cloaks of elven kind.

After travelling to the edge of the forest with their new companion Thalnir, the party decided to camp before meeting Jamila at the old dead tree on the edge of town in the morning.

Nissa and Adrieth took this opportunity to share their sidequest with Pyra, recounting the temples, gems and status they found within. Adrieth spoke of her vision through the eye of the beholder and of the oath she swore to an elven ghost to avenge the death of her people. Pyra, though doubtful of the usefulness of vengeance, agreed to aid Adrieth on her new quest to thwart the Blade Lords, a racist elven organisation linked to the Eldreth Veluuthra. Nissa showed off her cool loot.

The heroes are now level 3 (yay! spell slots!) and the epic battle with Lord Kwenthrith awaits….


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