Dungeons in Dragons

Session 5

The one where they killed the Vampire

Okay I didn’t do this properly but please add anything if you remember it.

• After camping inside the woods, our heroes set off
• Weather was god awful, no sun. The curse knows
• Nissa organised help from Steve the turtle to navigate the unsafe bog
• They met with Jamila, and Adrieth chided her for not being totally honest, Pyra surprisingly backed Adrieth up
• Jamila assured them the guards would be distracted and Kwenthrith was willing to sacrifice himself
• Jamila gave them a few supplies, and told them to meet her in the tavern when they were done
• Korvar bought a torch, rope and oil
• They met in the tavern and had a drink before heading in
• Kwenthrith was waiting for them, Adrieth locked them in
• Nissa and Korvar took up positions in the hall, Nissa stealthed out of this plane of existence
• Adrieth tried to tie Kwenthrith, the vampiric disease forced him to fight back
• Pyramath soothed him with thoughts of his son, Sambra. Adrieth managed to tie him while fighting back tears.
• Nissa sent a hymn on the wind to mark the passing of Lord Kwenthrith as Adrieth apologised and placed the wreath on his brow.
• Pyra transformed into a snake (he’s gaining more control over his transformations)
• Korvar threw the oil at Kwenthrith but Adrieth failed to light it, Pyra dealt poison
• We learned poison is great against vampires
• Adrieth got a critical hit with >80 damage
• Nissa shot him with witch bolt
• I think Thalnir was there?
• Korvar charged with his axe
• Adrieth was bitten and grappled (BITTEN AGAIN!)
• Nissa cast a spell that hit Adrieth and the vampire after Adrieth yelled “Do it!”
• Both fell
• Pyra and Korvar finished off Kwenthrith
• Nissa Revived Adrieth whilst still hiding under the table
• Korvar cut off Kwenthrith’s head
• Adrieth stabbed him with the werewolf tooth
• Jamila yelled “LET ME IN YOU FOOLS”, then reattached his head with vines and placed the leaf in his mouth
• Korvar picked up the Lord with great respect, as a foe bested in battle
• They put him in the grave, and Jamila told them to flee
• As they did, guards started to emerge, clearly having been in some gastronomical distress
• Adrieth picked up Nissa, Korvar picked up both of them and they all ran as fast as they could
• They travelled for 3 days
• Nissa got Adrieth drunk, sick of her talking Korvar knocked Adrieth out
• Learned that Adrieth has taken vows of no joy and chastity, Adrieth asked if Pyra has ever rutted with a God
• They reached the town and went their separate ways
• Nissa terrorised the apothecary as an invisible thief and got bopped on the head with a broom
• Adrieth somehow promised the apothecary she would look into the dastardly fey problem
• Adrieth got new splint armour, yay!
• Nissa snuck around and stole more stuff, then met up with everyone at the inn
• The tavern keep remembered seeing a party of gnomes pass through – with children in tow, this piqued Nissa’s interest
• New employer wants them to hunt down a flail snail
• Also spoke of many great places, such as Camsharall – Adrieth’s mother’s homeland where fire genasi rule
• Also spoke of Evermeet, where all the bitchy pureblood elves hang out – Pyra and Adrieth exchanged meaningful glances
• Korvar was very secretive about his past
• Nissa was also secretive, but more secretive than Korvar
• We learned that Pyra knows the Sword Coast well, being a Coastal druid, and likes ocean breezes – Nissa conjured one and also coastal flowers for him
• We also learned that Pyra has been inside this super fancy old library where you have to pay entry with an ancient tome
• They spent the evening in the tavern, All doing their weird little rituals before bed
• In the morning they met their new employer to find the wheels from the caravan were stolen
• She was pissed
• End


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