Dungeons in Dragons

Session 8

The one where we thought we were fighting a hag

  • Good morning y’all, let’s go fight a hag
  • Tani is staying behind to protect the townspeople in case we all die.
  • Nissa told the wizard she couldn’t come to lunch, but he’s interested in any artefacts that she finds
  • Korvar gets caught adding salt and pepper to his food
  • Let’s go hiking!
  • These rocks are really sharp, all fail nature checks
  • Party discovers the aforementioned hut in the woods
  • Sneaky people are going in first, heavy armour people are waiting
  • Adrieth blows a spell casting Bless on Nissa, Korvar and Pyra
  • There’s no hag, but there are some creepy fucking gnomes
  • Korvar gives one the chair!
  • Adrieth kill steals from Korvar twice, heh
  • There’s no loot
  • RAGE
  • Korvar finds a trapdoor. Jumps right in, Adrieth follows
  • There’s a tunnel, we’re going in
  • Weird magic circle, nothing happens, is it an alarm?
  • Also weird bio luminescent mushrooms, Nissa bottles some
  • Come to a door, get in, get trapped inside
  • There are weird glyphs shining on the walls, Pyra and Nissa can read them, it’s a countdown
  • There’s an earthquake, the glyphs go red, then the next door opens
  • Korvar tumbles down a steep shaft into a black pit, can’t see shit
  • Adrieth is more graceful, sets up to pull him back up onto the ledge
  • LOLNOPE Pyra and Nissa roll down and push Adrieth into the pit, dog pile!
  • Derrin is up top
  • Fucking gelatinous cube, holy shit – there’s a golden key inside it
  • Korvar throws Nissa at the wall but she’s just not dexterous enough
  • All manage to survive, Adrieth picks up the key
  • Jump across to theother side of the room and continue, start following random passages
  • Marking the hall as we go to keep our way
  • Nissa makes Korvar eat the weird mushrooms, makes his con save – no nausea but growths of weird green glowing mushrooms on his body
  • Couple of dead ends, we find a door
  • Inside is wooden furniture, including a mirror
  • Pyra perceives that one object isn’t reflecting, a chest of drawers
  • Bubbles, being undead, does reflect
  • Adrieth sets it on fire – le gasp, tis a mimic!
  • Derrin gets his pretty face hurt so Adrieth jumps in
  • They kill the chest of drawers, Korvar searches it and finds partly digested clothes
  • The mirror opens to a passage, we follow
  • Giant wall of leathery faces, children that the hag has killed
  • Nissa reads inscription on wall “Eyes unclouded by tears see the clearest”
  • Pyra thinks its about controlling emotion
  • Korvar starts stabbing the eyes, Adrieth fails to stop him
  • One set of eyes isn’t crying, stabbing reveals clinking sound
  • Adrieth sticks her hand in there and finds a silver key
  • Keep wandering, several bad turns, it’s almost like the hag doesn’t want us to find her?
  • Find another door, this one has 4 key holes
  • The two keys fit two of the locks, two down, two to go


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