Dungeons in Dragons

Session 8
The one where we thought we were fighting a hag
  • Good morning y’all, let’s go fight a hag
  • Tani is staying behind to protect the townspeople in case we all die.
  • Nissa told the wizard she couldn’t come to lunch, but he’s interested in any artefacts that she finds
  • Korvar gets caught adding salt and pepper to his food
  • Let’s go hiking!
  • These rocks are really sharp, all fail nature checks
  • Party discovers the aforementioned hut in the woods
  • Sneaky people are going in first, heavy armour people are waiting
  • Adrieth blows a spell casting Bless on Nissa, Korvar and Pyra
  • There’s no hag, but there are some creepy fucking gnomes
  • Korvar gives one the chair!
  • Adrieth kill steals from Korvar twice, heh
  • There’s no loot
  • RAGE
  • Korvar finds a trapdoor. Jumps right in, Adrieth follows
  • There’s a tunnel, we’re going in
  • Weird magic circle, nothing happens, is it an alarm?
  • Also weird bio luminescent mushrooms, Nissa bottles some
  • Come to a door, get in, get trapped inside
  • There are weird glyphs shining on the walls, Pyra and Nissa can read them, it’s a countdown
  • There’s an earthquake, the glyphs go red, then the next door opens
  • Korvar tumbles down a steep shaft into a black pit, can’t see shit
  • Adrieth is more graceful, sets up to pull him back up onto the ledge
  • LOLNOPE Pyra and Nissa roll down and push Adrieth into the pit, dog pile!
  • Derrin is up top
  • Fucking gelatinous cube, holy shit – there’s a golden key inside it
  • Korvar throws Nissa at the wall but she’s just not dexterous enough
  • All manage to survive, Adrieth picks up the key
  • Jump across to theother side of the room and continue, start following random passages
  • Marking the hall as we go to keep our way
  • Nissa makes Korvar eat the weird mushrooms, makes his con save – no nausea but growths of weird green glowing mushrooms on his body
  • Couple of dead ends, we find a door
  • Inside is wooden furniture, including a mirror
  • Pyra perceives that one object isn’t reflecting, a chest of drawers
  • Bubbles, being undead, does reflect
  • Adrieth sets it on fire – le gasp, tis a mimic!
  • Derrin gets his pretty face hurt so Adrieth jumps in
  • They kill the chest of drawers, Korvar searches it and finds partly digested clothes
  • The mirror opens to a passage, we follow
  • Giant wall of leathery faces, children that the hag has killed
  • Nissa reads inscription on wall “Eyes unclouded by tears see the clearest”
  • Pyra thinks its about controlling emotion
  • Korvar starts stabbing the eyes, Adrieth fails to stop him
  • One set of eyes isn’t crying, stabbing reveals clinking sound
  • Adrieth sticks her hand in there and finds a silver key
  • Keep wandering, several bad turns, it’s almost like the hag doesn’t want us to find her?
  • Find another door, this one has 4 key holes
  • The two keys fit two of the locks, two down, two to go
Session 7
The one where we wasted an entire day shopping
  • Nissa has been stealing a lot of things. Also brewing potions.
  • Adrieth went and flirted with a cleric of Helm and he agreed to help us save the kid.
  • Pyra went to the library and collected information on the Flail Snail (it’s an elemental, who knew?)
  • Adrieth bought everyone breakfast, then ate it and got sick.
  • Nissa went a-lookin’ for the kids house again. Got kind of lost. Found it. Left a mark.
  • Korvar couldn’t find a new axe, Adrieth couldn’t find more strength.
  • Jewelers are expensive yo.
  • Korvar bought a pony, his name is Bill.
  • Korvar is cooking savant, bought lots of herbs.
  • Niss changed colour of Pyra’s horns – hilarity ensued.
  • Adrieth gave everyone holy water. Korvar drank his.
  • Tani got pissed Adrieth doesn’t want to share.
  • We’re off to see the wizard! He’s old and crazy.
  • Nissa buys a potion of infatuation (YES I KNOW, ALEX)
  • Adrieth buys overpriced health potion.
  • Pyra is smart ass.
  • Adrieth lets Tani in on goss, Tani decides to join.
  • Drinking.
  • Hot Cleric, I mean Derrin, shows up.
  • Nissa slips him infatuation potion.
  • Adrieth is blissfully unaware.
  • Tani knows Derrin – stories for later?
  • Nissa leads the way to the kids house.
  • Korvar breaks down the door.
  • Mother (Molly) is understandably terrified, Pyra is smart ass again.
  • Kid has been acting weird. Tani stays to comfort Molly.
  • Up we go. Marching order: Derrin, Adrieth, Pyra, Korvar.
  • Nissa is hiding outside
  • Kids room stinks, there is evil magic here, folks.
  • Adrieth tries to draw sword, Pyra shakes head.
  • Derrin and Adrieth cast Protection against evil, doesn’t quite work.
  • Kid is possessed AF. Hag says “Kill me in 24 hours or she dies lol”
  • Pyra inspects coin, yep that’s a hag. He knows a little bit about those.
  • Kid is cursed, covered in purple bruises. Lay on hands does nothing.
  • Derrin is pretty sad, says he will still help.
  • Nissa tries to smooth things over with Molly. Finds out about quarry where creepy old lady died.
  • Let’s go home, Pyra wakes up the librarian.
  • Derrin saves against most of the infatuation potion, so there.
  • Nissa wakes up the Apothecary.
  • Twice.
  • Nissa tries to steal from the jeweler, fails. (Damn tricksy doors)
  • More drinking. Planning. Derrin will meet at dawn to go to quarry and kill this bitch.
  • Adrieth is scared she might not save the kid, but will defs kill hag.
  • Korvar doesn’t want to save kid.
  • Tani convinces him because hags have lots of treasure.
  • Bed time, see y’all in the morning for kick assery.


Session 6
The one where we attemtpted technology

fade from black
“Where the hell are my wheels?!”

  • Tani is pissed, wheels are gone
  • Party are like “We dunno”. Then, quietly “It could have been Nissa.”
  • Screaming and smoke and stuff! Everyone runs!
  • Korvar and Adrieth storm into a burning building, Pyra stays outside (EVEN THOUGH HE TAKES HALF DAMAGE FROM FIRE)
  • Nissa fails to get on the roof, spots little girl who looks pissed at burning building, follows
  • Adrieth gets up stairs. Korvar breaks them
  • Nissa listens to little girl while invisible. Something’s fucky.
  • Pyra is kind of just outside like “Sup”
  • Adrieth finds family in room. Rages at boarded up windows.
  • Adrieth throws daughter and mother out of window, luckily crowd makes Dex saves.
  • Korvar is hearing shit. Are those flies buzzing around?
  • Adrieth heals father a bit, chucks him out window.
  • Korvar is attacked trying to pick up cart wheels from huge pile of loot. What the shit was that?!
  • Pyra decides to maybe stick his head in. Turns into wolf spider.
  • Nissa torments little girl by conjuring fireflies.
  • Adrieth checks other rooms, nothing, leaps down and bashes Pixie in face, heals Korvar.
  • More fighting, 3 pixies in total. Nissa rocks up.
  • “Sup guys, why ya bleeding?”
  • Pixies defeated, Korvar too weak from smoke inhalation to grab wheels.
  • Pyra too weak in general.
  • Adrieth gets trapped under falling beam, can’t pick up wheels.
  • Nissa mage hands her own shit outa there.
  • Outside – some wizard show up with a water spell and steals all the glory.
  • Family are safe, father says windows were boarded when they woke up.
  • Nissa spots that creepy little girl again and goes invisible.
  • Korvar goes back to get drunk.
  • Pyra follows
  • Adrieth follows, wallows in ale because people suck
  • Nissa hears the girl speaking to “Granny” through a magic coin. Her plan didn’t work.
  • Adrieth tries to start a fight with Pyra. Fails, goes back to burnt building.
  • Family has no notable enemies. But there’s that one kid Eve that’s super creepy.
  • “You should exorcise her, lol.”
  • Adrieth returns to tavern, Nissa has sent illusory bugs at Korvar and scared him up to his room
  • Adrieth lures him down with promises of ale and no more bugs
  • Nissa makes no such promise
  • Nissa reveals what she saw/heard while following Eve
  • It is decided that Nissa will make Adrieth invisible so she can exorcise creepy kid
  • Tani says it will take time for new wheels because they’re, like, bespoke (HA, get it!? Wheels have spokes!)
  • Bed time.
Session 5
The one where they killed the Vampire

Okay I didn’t do this properly but please add anything if you remember it.

• After camping inside the woods, our heroes set off
• Weather was god awful, no sun. The curse knows
• Nissa organised help from Steve the turtle to navigate the unsafe bog
• They met with Jamila, and Adrieth chided her for not being totally honest, Pyra surprisingly backed Adrieth up
• Jamila assured them the guards would be distracted and Kwenthrith was willing to sacrifice himself
• Jamila gave them a few supplies, and told them to meet her in the tavern when they were done
• Korvar bought a torch, rope and oil
• They met in the tavern and had a drink before heading in
• Kwenthrith was waiting for them, Adrieth locked them in
• Nissa and Korvar took up positions in the hall, Nissa stealthed out of this plane of existence
• Adrieth tried to tie Kwenthrith, the vampiric disease forced him to fight back
• Pyramath soothed him with thoughts of his son, Sambra. Adrieth managed to tie him while fighting back tears.
• Nissa sent a hymn on the wind to mark the passing of Lord Kwenthrith as Adrieth apologised and placed the wreath on his brow.
• Pyra transformed into a snake (he’s gaining more control over his transformations)
• Korvar threw the oil at Kwenthrith but Adrieth failed to light it, Pyra dealt poison
• We learned poison is great against vampires
• Adrieth got a critical hit with >80 damage
• Nissa shot him with witch bolt
• I think Thalnir was there?
• Korvar charged with his axe
• Adrieth was bitten and grappled (BITTEN AGAIN!)
• Nissa cast a spell that hit Adrieth and the vampire after Adrieth yelled “Do it!”
• Both fell
• Pyra and Korvar finished off Kwenthrith
• Nissa Revived Adrieth whilst still hiding under the table
• Korvar cut off Kwenthrith’s head
• Adrieth stabbed him with the werewolf tooth
• Jamila yelled “LET ME IN YOU FOOLS”, then reattached his head with vines and placed the leaf in his mouth
• Korvar picked up the Lord with great respect, as a foe bested in battle
• They put him in the grave, and Jamila told them to flee
• As they did, guards started to emerge, clearly having been in some gastronomical distress
• Adrieth picked up Nissa, Korvar picked up both of them and they all ran as fast as they could
• They travelled for 3 days
• Nissa got Adrieth drunk, sick of her talking Korvar knocked Adrieth out
• Learned that Adrieth has taken vows of no joy and chastity, Adrieth asked if Pyra has ever rutted with a God
• They reached the town and went their separate ways
• Nissa terrorised the apothecary as an invisible thief and got bopped on the head with a broom
• Adrieth somehow promised the apothecary she would look into the dastardly fey problem
• Adrieth got new splint armour, yay!
• Nissa snuck around and stole more stuff, then met up with everyone at the inn
• The tavern keep remembered seeing a party of gnomes pass through – with children in tow, this piqued Nissa’s interest
• New employer wants them to hunt down a flail snail
• Also spoke of many great places, such as Camsharall – Adrieth’s mother’s homeland where fire genasi rule
• Also spoke of Evermeet, where all the bitchy pureblood elves hang out – Pyra and Adrieth exchanged meaningful glances
• Korvar was very secretive about his past
• Nissa was also secretive, but more secretive than Korvar
• We learned that Pyra knows the Sword Coast well, being a Coastal druid, and likes ocean breezes – Nissa conjured one and also coastal flowers for him
• We also learned that Pyra has been inside this super fancy old library where you have to pay entry with an ancient tome
• They spent the evening in the tavern, All doing their weird little rituals before bed
• In the morning they met their new employer to find the wheels from the caravan were stolen
• She was pissed
• End

Session 4
We're following the Leader, and Adrieth's a werewolf

Night fell and our heroes prepared for rest. Guilty, Adrieth, after telling a drunk Korvar to piss off, shared her parent’s death and her faith with Theo – gifting him a small symbol of Selune and promising to avenge his parent’s death at any cost.

After resting in a re purposed room within the Eldath Druid’s lair, our heroes are rudely awoken by a calamity outside. Except for Korvar, who is drunk.

After running upstairs, (or sleuthing in Nissa’s case), they learned that the cause of the calamity was a sentient evil force attacking the protective ruins placed by the druids. Nissa and Bubbles quickly sneaked out into the forest, while the impatient Pyramath waited for Adrieth to don her armor and for Korvar to get out of bed. It was worth it however, because Adrieth looked amazing (Nat20).

Suddenly, upon exiting the building, Nissa and Adrieth seemed a lot more chummy, almost as if they had remembered a shared side quest with awesome loot. Jimmy, a very special snek friend, returned and the girls gossiped about the great druid ruins that they found.

They were guided by Jorn, a quiet looking druid with a missing arm and what they assumed was the druid version of a cyborg replacement (vines). Nissa rejoined them on the path, shortly before they were set upon by rabid wolves. Fighting valiantly, Pyramath in spider form, they appeared to be in trouble. That was until a tall, dark and mysterious human with BLAZING eyes appeared and wrought havoc with his daggers and crossbow.

Korvar, still bleary and slightly drunk, wandered off into the forest alone. Our heroes continued along the path, trusting his safety to the absent bubbles.
Adrieth harshly questioned the newcomer, who then exchanged eye-rolls with Pyra, but they continued together. During this exchange the very sneaky Nissa manages to steal a letter of introduction, revealing the newly arrived Thalnir as a jeweler.

Korvar used his orcish instincts and forest dwelling history to get very, very, very lost. The poor thing thought he was still dreaming but thankfully was found by a very clever squirrel who was small but had a big heart.

Bubbles, (the real hero of this story), led Korvar back to the group. Nissa scrambled up a tree, but the others were caught unaware on the ground when they were noticed by two rabid wolves and a massive werewolf.

The battle was fierce, and the werewolf regenerated many of it’s wounds. The magic users shone through however, including Jorn, who turned out to be a badass. Nissa delivered the final blow, thought not before Jorn lost his vine arm, and the werewolf was revealed to be a former member of the Eldath druid circle.
(collective gasp).

Jorn hurried Adrieth away back to Malara, as she had been bitten by the beast and risked succumbing to the curse without immediate treatment. Nissa, Pyra, Thalnir and Korvar stayed to survey the monolith, returning shortly after to the druid stronghold.

Adrieth is treated and reassured, Jorn is brought to a healer and our heroes are put back to bed.

The next morning Theo greets the group and reveals a missing front tooth. Joyful, Nissa and Korvar struck up a merry shanty and considered starting a bard troupe. Meanwhile, Pyra discussed important druid-y things with Malara. Upon everyone else’s arrival, they discussed the ritual.

They were presented with a wreath that would speed up the curse and kill the Lord Kwenthrith. Malara explained that they must stab him through the heart with Theo’s tooth and lay him to rest with a bay leaf in his mouth before nightfall in order to break the curse.

As a parting gift, Nissa was promised a book from the library. She managed to steal more than one and piss off a very friendly druid. Korvar was left disappointed by the lack of magical axes, however they were all gifted magical cloaks of elven kind.

After travelling to the edge of the forest with their new companion Thalnir, the party decided to camp before meeting Jamila at the old dead tree on the edge of town in the morning.

Nissa and Adrieth took this opportunity to share their sidequest with Pyra, recounting the temples, gems and status they found within. Adrieth spoke of her vision through the eye of the beholder and of the oath she swore to an elven ghost to avenge the death of her people. Pyra, though doubtful of the usefulness of vengeance, agreed to aid Adrieth on her new quest to thwart the Blade Lords, a racist elven organisation linked to the Eldreth Veluuthra. Nissa showed off her cool loot.

The heroes are now level 3 (yay! spell slots!) and the epic battle with Lord Kwenthrith awaits….

Session 3
The one where Adrieth flips off a child.

When Nissa and Adrieth wandered back into camp the party decided to spend the night with the villagers. Nissa and Bubbles are very popular, however Korvar scared a child into the woods. Nissa attempted to convince a hawk to carry a message, but was unsuccessful. (Due to Adrieth scaring the poor thing away.)

When Adrieth followed, she was cornered by a fiend, but luckily Pyromath and Korvar came to the rescue. Especially Korvar, who skewered it with a javelin. After an uneventful night’s watch, the party awake to find formerly old woman Ethel was now very young and doesn’t seem to remember the past 40 years. Not sure if it was the tea Nissa made, Eldath’s power or the Vuldorf Spring – our adventures took off in a defensive formation to leave the forest.

Nissa successfully found and sent off a pigeon with a message to warn Ezan of their arrival, but they were held up when Pyromath sensed some very territorial vegetables. Oblivious, Korvar left to pee in the woods. Little did he know that his orcish bits would offend the Vegepygmes so much that they decided to attack.

After a gruesome battle that ended in Korvar getting poisoned and subsequently healed, they made their way back to the villagers who were a little worse for wear. Leading the villagers out they sensed a large creature following them. After meeting with Ezan and receiving more supplies, they quickly explained the situation and headed back into the forest to find the Lord Kwenthrith’s son, bidding farewell to the villagers.

Bob, Steve, and Nissa had a lovely excursion. Stevette lovingly offered to help Nissa steal supplied from Adrieth but the fire lady has good perception.

Stalked by a large tiger, but protected by druidic magic, the party made their way to the Duskwood Dell. Nissa gave Pyra a lovely haircut with her Great Axe. When they reached the ruins, They entered a chamber with 8 statues of the First Order of druids. (This is where Adrieth gave a 10 year old the bird). Korvar tried to deface the statues.

After making their way into the next chamber the party battled a fearsome beast. Korvar and Adrieth soon learned that steel was of little value. Nissa and Pyromath used their magic to defeat the watery monster, revealing a door in the statue of Eldath.

After passing through a dormitory, library and agricultural room, they knocked on a wooden door. They were greeted by Malara – leader of the druids of Eldath who occupied this ruin.

Malara spun a sorry tale, 5 years ago a mysterious creature killed the Lord’s son and his barons, leaving him the only survivor. Alive, but cursed, the Lord is gripped by fits of madness. The curse is vampirism, and upon his death he will rise to reign terror over his desecrated lands, she explained. However Jamila (his apothacery) and Malara had a plan to stop it and our adventures were just the help she needed.

The Lycanthrope that had stalked them was named Theo, he was a were-tiger that lost his parents in the orcish raid. He was only a child, but his Lycan venom could be used in a ritual to slay the Lord Kwentrith and save the land.

Malara goes on to explain that the ritual usually calls for a Paladin of the Raven Queen, but Adrieth will have to do. Nissa asks what would happen if Adrieth died (for real this time) and they learned that her death would mean the failure of this plan.

Nissa and Pyromath went out to lure the boy inside. Nissa used her gnomish charm and adorable squirrel friend, and Pyromath used his suprisingly tender heart to reassure the boy.

Korvar soon took a liking to him as well, wrestling with the giant tiger and sharing his precious ale. The scary emo fire lady talked to her scary emo God in the library. Surprised by Pyromath’s kindness towards the boy, allowed him to butcher the chicken promised to Theo and invited the party to rest for the night.

Session 2
Where Katy nearly kills herself

Our adventurers, after fighting a particularly pesky swarm of bats and learning the meaning of ‘friendly fire’, soon continued on their quest. They noticed however that the desecration of the town had spread to the forest and was most certainly changing the behaviour of the creatures within. Indeed, even with her forest heritage Nissa was unable to get anything from the bats other than “EAT EVERYTHING.”

Guided by Nissa’s new snake friends, they made their way through the forest to a stream and luckily spotted 2 orcs lollygagging by the main road. Upon capturing, questioning and killing both of the orcs they left with a new Great Axe for Nissa, a beautiful orc head necklace for Korvar and a fancy magic stick for Pyromath.

Adrieth, sick of being hurt by her companion, told Pyromath about her feelings with her fist.
Korvar hilariously commented to his orc prisoner that perhaps this is how elves mate. Nissa, terrifying in her snake wearing, underdark spouting state (nat 20 wat wat) scared the shit out of the orc. The camaraderie of Korvar and the orc was short lived when he decapitated the orc for saying his favourite colour was blue.

After scouting the camp, 3 orcs were drawn into a cleverly laid trap of Korvar’s devising and quickly slaughtered with magical stick, sword, great axe and Nissa’s creepy sniper hand (with no friendly fire, yay!). Adrieth managed to extract a little more information this time, including the welfare of 10 human prisoners and the whereabouts of the 3 remaining orcs.

The party encircled the camp and attacked, separating the orcs into two groups. Nissa and Adrieth fought the viscous female orc, while Pyromath and Korvar made quick work of the remaining two males. (Except for that one bit where Pyromath failed and it was hilarious.)
Nissa again used her newly found Great Axe, dropping it with her mage hand on the unsuspecting orcs.

However, just as the battle seemed won for sure, a misguided attack by Adrieth led to her being knocked unconscious and nearly dying, whispering “I’ll see you soon, brother”. Adrieth held on by a thread (and Korvar’s inspiration) until Nissa rushed over to heal her, still wearing her “snakeskin” boots.

The prisoners were freed, fires lit and heads laid down for a well earned rest.
Upon waking our brave companions learned that the prisoner Theo had escaped, while the Lord Kwenthrith’s son, Sambra, had been sold as a slave. It seems the boy was sold to Elven and Half elven figures in hooded cloaks, all bearing a beautiful but unfamiliar waterfall brooch. Most interestingly, the figures had promised the remaining villagers that rescue was on its way.

Adrieth and Pyromath got pissy at each other again, she failed a command spell, then returned to the fire to quietly recite the oath of Sheverash and polish her shield. Nissa gained more information from the villagers, and Korvar begrudgingly gave his spare great axes to some of the stronger looking individuals.

The campsite provided some exciting loot including a potion of invincibility, a potion of Frost Giant Strength, powerful crossbow bolts for Nissa, 7 gems and more silver for Korvar’s already jingling loincloth.

The party have promised to see the villagers to the edge of the forest before continuing on their quest to rescue Lord Kwenthrith’s son, Sambra.

Next session, our newly minted Level 2 heroes continue their quest…

Session 1

Four adventurers, for whatever reason, heed the call of a duke in need. If the party is able to hunt down the band of orcs responsible for raiding one of the region’s outlying villages and retrieve the missing villagers, one of them being the lord’s sole heir, they will receive 500 gold pieces to share in reward.

Ezan, the captain of the offers to lead the party to the edge of the forest and offers supplies for their journey. Mid conversation, her stoic demeanor is broken by a small squirrel clambering up her leg to nest atop her head.

The terms settled upon, the party leaves the premises but not before the lord’s physician shoves a small bundle into the paladin’s hands giving no explanation except, “give this to Theo.” Before returning to aid the lord.

The party gets off to a rocky start, especially between Ezan and Pyromath and Pyromath, Adrieth.
Nissa chills with the wild life, adopting all the come into her care and Korvar awaits his next tavern crawl with eager anticipation.

To be finished later~~

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