Tag: NPC


  • Duke Ennert Kwenthrith

    The duke's family has reigned over these lands for many generations and is generally well liked and respected by his people. His health began to fail around the same time the string of disasters started to fall over his lands. Many have claimed it was …

  • Jamila

    She is as skilled at medicine as she is eccentric and is often heard speaking in some old dialect of her homeland. Her bedside manner leaves much to be desired but one always leaves her company feeling in better health.

  • Malara the Archdruid

    Malara leads the small druid community in the Snakewood forest. She is kind though not afraid to sass someone if they are being unreasonable. Her circle contains about 20-30 druids, though many prefer the solitude of the forest and only return on holy …

  • Tani Ceolleifursson

    Born with heterochromia, her parents believed a great destiny awaited her. She delighted in proving them wrong, however, and became a traveling merchant instead. This Calimshan woman boasts wares from up and down the Sword Coast and beyond and is very …