Dungeons in Dragons

Session 6

The one where we attemtpted technology

fade from black
“Where the hell are my wheels?!”

  • Tani is pissed, wheels are gone
  • Party are like “We dunno”. Then, quietly “It could have been Nissa.”
  • Screaming and smoke and stuff! Everyone runs!
  • Korvar and Adrieth storm into a burning building, Pyra stays outside (EVEN THOUGH HE TAKES HALF DAMAGE FROM FIRE)
  • Nissa fails to get on the roof, spots little girl who looks pissed at burning building, follows
  • Adrieth gets up stairs. Korvar breaks them
  • Nissa listens to little girl while invisible. Something’s fucky.
  • Pyra is kind of just outside like “Sup”
  • Adrieth finds family in room. Rages at boarded up windows.
  • Adrieth throws daughter and mother out of window, luckily crowd makes Dex saves.
  • Korvar is hearing shit. Are those flies buzzing around?
  • Adrieth heals father a bit, chucks him out window.
  • Korvar is attacked trying to pick up cart wheels from huge pile of loot. What the shit was that?!
  • Pyra decides to maybe stick his head in. Turns into wolf spider.
  • Nissa torments little girl by conjuring fireflies.
  • Adrieth checks other rooms, nothing, leaps down and bashes Pixie in face, heals Korvar.
  • More fighting, 3 pixies in total. Nissa rocks up.
  • “Sup guys, why ya bleeding?”
  • Pixies defeated, Korvar too weak from smoke inhalation to grab wheels.
  • Pyra too weak in general.
  • Adrieth gets trapped under falling beam, can’t pick up wheels.
  • Nissa mage hands her own shit outa there.
  • Outside – some wizard show up with a water spell and steals all the glory.
  • Family are safe, father says windows were boarded when they woke up.
  • Nissa spots that creepy little girl again and goes invisible.
  • Korvar goes back to get drunk.
  • Pyra follows
  • Adrieth follows, wallows in ale because people suck
  • Nissa hears the girl speaking to “Granny” through a magic coin. Her plan didn’t work.
  • Adrieth tries to start a fight with Pyra. Fails, goes back to burnt building.
  • Family has no notable enemies. But there’s that one kid Eve that’s super creepy.
  • “You should exorcise her, lol.”
  • Adrieth returns to tavern, Nissa has sent illusory bugs at Korvar and scared him up to his room
  • Adrieth lures him down with promises of ale and no more bugs
  • Nissa makes no such promise
  • Nissa reveals what she saw/heard while following Eve
  • It is decided that Nissa will make Adrieth invisible so she can exorcise creepy kid
  • Tani says it will take time for new wheels because they’re, like, bespoke (HA, get it!? Wheels have spokes!)
  • Bed time.


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