Dungeons in Dragons

Session 7

The one where we wasted an entire day shopping

  • Nissa has been stealing a lot of things. Also brewing potions.
  • Adrieth went and flirted with a cleric of Helm and he agreed to help us save the kid.
  • Pyra went to the library and collected information on the Flail Snail (it’s an elemental, who knew?)
  • Adrieth bought everyone breakfast, then ate it and got sick.
  • Nissa went a-lookin’ for the kids house again. Got kind of lost. Found it. Left a mark.
  • Korvar couldn’t find a new axe, Adrieth couldn’t find more strength.
  • Jewelers are expensive yo.
  • Korvar bought a pony, his name is Bill.
  • Korvar is cooking savant, bought lots of herbs.
  • Niss changed colour of Pyra’s horns – hilarity ensued.
  • Adrieth gave everyone holy water. Korvar drank his.
  • Tani got pissed Adrieth doesn’t want to share.
  • We’re off to see the wizard! He’s old and crazy.
  • Nissa buys a potion of infatuation (YES I KNOW, ALEX)
  • Adrieth buys overpriced health potion.
  • Pyra is smart ass.
  • Adrieth lets Tani in on goss, Tani decides to join.
  • Drinking.
  • Hot Cleric, I mean Derrin, shows up.
  • Nissa slips him infatuation potion.
  • Adrieth is blissfully unaware.
  • Tani knows Derrin – stories for later?
  • Nissa leads the way to the kids house.
  • Korvar breaks down the door.
  • Mother (Molly) is understandably terrified, Pyra is smart ass again.
  • Kid has been acting weird. Tani stays to comfort Molly.
  • Up we go. Marching order: Derrin, Adrieth, Pyra, Korvar.
  • Nissa is hiding outside
  • Kids room stinks, there is evil magic here, folks.
  • Adrieth tries to draw sword, Pyra shakes head.
  • Derrin and Adrieth cast Protection against evil, doesn’t quite work.
  • Kid is possessed AF. Hag says “Kill me in 24 hours or she dies lol”
  • Pyra inspects coin, yep that’s a hag. He knows a little bit about those.
  • Kid is cursed, covered in purple bruises. Lay on hands does nothing.
  • Derrin is pretty sad, says he will still help.
  • Nissa tries to smooth things over with Molly. Finds out about quarry where creepy old lady died.
  • Let’s go home, Pyra wakes up the librarian.
  • Derrin saves against most of the infatuation potion, so there.
  • Nissa wakes up the Apothecary.
  • Twice.
  • Nissa tries to steal from the jeweler, fails. (Damn tricksy doors)
  • More drinking. Planning. Derrin will meet at dawn to go to quarry and kill this bitch.
  • Adrieth is scared she might not save the kid, but will defs kill hag.
  • Korvar doesn’t want to save kid.
  • Tani convinces him because hags have lots of treasure.
  • Bed time, see y’all in the morning for kick assery.



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